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Better Connection for a Better Future

Tax Administration Theme Day


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  • The Opening Ceremony of the 3rd BRITACOF
  • Welcome Address-Mr. Brahim Djamel KASSALI
  • Opening Address-Ms. Amel Abdellatif
  • Update of the BRITACOM-Mr. Wang Daoshu
  • Keynote Speech-Mr. Zhanalinov Daniyar
  • Keynote Speech-Mr. Wang Jun
  • Progress Report on BRITACEG
  • Progress report on BRITACEG
  • Announcement of a new BRITA
  • Experience sharing by BRITA·Yangzhou
  • Experience sharing by BRITA·Nur-Sultan
  • Experience sharing by BRITA·Macao China
  • Topic 1 Strategic Planning of Capacity Building
  • Keynote Speech-Mrs. Ia Mikhelidze
  • Keynote Speech- Mr. Daniel A.Witt
  • Keynote Speech-Ms. SADOUDI Djamila
  • Keynote Speech-Mr. Balázs KERTÉSZ
  • Keynote Speech-Mr. Felipe Quintela
  • Keynote Speech-Ms. Mya Mya Oo
  • Panel Discussion
  • Topic 2 Information Technology and Capacity Building
  • Keynote Speech-Prof. Dr. Jeffrey Owens
  • Keynote Speech-Mr. Chu Lizhong
  • Keynote Speech-Prof. Dr. Stef van Weeghel
  • Keynote Speech-Dr. Davood Manzoor
  • Keynote Speech-Mr. Solehzoda Ayubjon
  • Keynote Speech-Mr. Wassal M. Almalki
  • Keynote Speech-Mrs. Tuma Adama Gento-Kamara
  • Panel Discussion
  • Topic 3 Life-long Learning of Tax Officials
  • Keynote Speech-Ms. Evelyn Khoo
  • Keynote Speech-Mr. Ma Shiqi
  • Keynote Speech-Mr. TAM Tai-pang
  • Keynote Speech-Ms. Lyazzat Kasymkulova
  • Panel Discussion
  • Topic 4 Train the Trainer
  • Keynote Speech-Ms. Ana Rodriguez-Calderon
  • Keynote Speech-Mr. Jean Bernardini
  • Keynote Speech-Mr. Kuntal Dave
  • Keynote Speech-Mr. Ezera Madzivanyika
  • Topic 5 Experience Sharing by IOs
  • Keynote Speech-Mr.Ruud de Mooij
  • Keynote Speech-Mr. Santiago Díaz de Sarralde Miguez
  • Keynote Speech-Mr. Paolo Valerio Barbantini
  • Keynote Speech-Ms. Wapinu Ndule
  • Panel Discussion
  • Business and Industry Tax Dialogue
  • Keynote Speech-Mr. Christian Kaeser
  • Keynote Speech-Prof. Gullielmo Maisto
  • Panel Discussion
  • Closing Ceremony
  • Release of the 3rd BRITACOF outcomes
  • The Fourth BRITACOF
  • Closing Address by Chair of BRITACOM Council

02 December 2022

According to the Nur-Sultan Action Plan (2022-2024), the BRITACOM has organized three Tax Administration Theme Day Events in 2022 with the theme Better Connection for a Better F...

27 September 2022

The Third Belt and Road Initiative Tax Administration Cooperation Forum (BRITACOF) themed “Enhancing Tax Administration Capacity Building in the Post-Pandemic Era” was held be...

09 November 2022

The 2022 Meeting of the Heads of Tax Authorities of the BRICS Countries (“BRICS Tax Heads Meeting”) was held online on November 2, 2022, marking the 10th anniversary of tax co...

05 August 2022

According to the Nur-Sultan Action Plan (2022-2024), the BRITACOM held the second Tax Administration Theme Day Events in early August 2022 with the theme Better Connection for ...

25 July 2022

The Virtual Seminar on Mobile Applications for the Fulfillment of Tax Obligations by Citizens and Entrepreneurs was held on 15 July 2022. Representatives from the BRITACOM Counc...



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