The BRITACEG is a network composed of willing Member TAs and Observers of the Council which, making full use of their existing training institutions or expertise, are dedicated to conducting tax-related training, research and technical assistance programs.


The BRITACEG aims to provide tax-related knowledge products, training courses and technical assistance to primarily help Member TAs and Observers with their tax administration capacity building. Furthermore, academic researches and exchanges will be carried out by the BRITACEG so as to facilitate tax administration cooperation amongst the BRI jurisdictions.


The principles and strategies of the BRITACEG will be aligned with and complement the experience and best practices of the existing international organizations in tax capacity building.


The Director of the BRITACEG should be appointed by the Council from Council Members representing the TAs that have joined the BRITACEG as a member, and hold office for three years, eligible for reappointments. The Director is responsible for coordinating and implementing the BRITACEG work plans and programs.


Members of the BRITACEG:the Member TAs and Observers of the Council that voluntarily join the BRITACEG. A BRITACEG Member should designate one or more of its training institutions and submit the profile of the institution(s) to the Secretariat for evaluation and documentation.


If a BRITACEG Member does not have such institutions, it may choose to contribute in other manners as may be appropriate.


Partners:BRI jurisdictions, international organizations, academic institutions, businesses and other stakeholders supportive of the BRI may become Partners of the BRITACEG upon approval of the Council. Partners of the BRITACEG may make suggestions and provide knowledge and expertise for tax training, research and technical assistance programs.




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