The Secretariat, not a legal entity, is the liaison office of the BRITACʘM located in Beijing, supporting the routine operation of the Council, the BRITACOF and the BRITACEG.


The Executive Secretary is the head of the Secretariat, appointed by the Council for a three-year term of office and eligible for reappointments. A Deputy Executive Secretary should be appointed by the Council, assisting the Executive Secretary in discharging his/her functions and holding office for the same term, also eligible for reappointments.


Each Member TA or Observer may second one representative to the Secretariat, who can work either on site in China or online outside China.


The Secretariat should:

1) prepare and organize Council meetings;

2) implement resolutions of the Council, and assist the Chair, Vice-Chairs and other Council Members in fulfilling their duties;

3) assist the Member TAs in preparing BRITACOF conferences;

4) coordinate activities of the BRITACEG, such as training, research and technical assistance programs;

5) prepare and submit annual reports, budgets and financial statements to the Council for review and approval;

6) facilitate the work of the internal and external auditors, and submit audit reports to the Council;

7) assist the Council in raising and managing funds, review the source of the funding, and accept or reject the funding on behalf of the Council;

8) draft or revise the rules and regulations of the BRITACʘM and submit them to the Council for approval;

9) keep records and documents for the BRITACʘM; and

10) handle applications for admission and withdrawal of membership and observership.


Official E-mail:




    NO. 3(A) Longqing Street, Economic and
    Technological Development Area,
    Beijing, CHINA


    BRITACOM Secretariat Office