The Seventh Tax Administration Theme Day Event of the BRITACOM in May 2024


*The press release is also available in Russian.
As the flagship activity of the BRITACOM initiated in 2022, the Tax Administration Theme Day Event with the theme “Better Connection for a Better Future” has built an effective platform of communication between tax administrations and businesses. So far 6 Theme Day Events focusing on different regions have been successfully launched in 2022 and 2023. In the mid-May 2024, the seventh Tax Administration Theme Day Events was co-hosted by the Tax Committee under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan and BRITACOM Secretariat via a virtual seminar and an online exhibition on a dedicated webpage.
With the warm-up of the dedicated webpage with an online exhibition, showcasing Tajikistan’s tax policies, tax administration, taxpayer services, and tax incentives for attracting investment and optimizing business through videos and booklets, the virtual seminar of the seventh event was held on 29 May 2024, attracting more than 160 representatives from BRITACOM Member Tax Administrations, Observers, the Advisory Board and business parties. Participants were attentive at the conference, and had extensive exchanges with speakers on key topics and issues during the Q&A session.
At the seminar, Mr. Solehzoda Ayubjon Maruf, First Deputy Chairman from the Tax committee under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan, shared digitalization of tax administration of Tajikistan. Mr. Raul Felix Junquera Valera, Global Lead on Domestic Resource Mobilization at the World Bank, introduced digital transformation of tax and customs administrations. Mr. Malikzoda Narzullo Saimiddin, Deputy Chairman from the Tax Committee under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan, commented on the formation and development of tax system of Tajikistan. Mr. Khaled Elkorek, Senior Tax Consultant with the World Bank, presented insights in compliance risk management. At the Q&A session, participants had extensive exchanges with speakers on key topics and issues, such as social tax payments for foreign employees in Tajikistan-based enterprises, the basis for calculating pre-paid enterprise income tax, the implementation of differential VAT rates, major measures taken by the tax authorities to encourage taxpayers to use digital tax services, and the scope of application of the tax compliance risk management system, etc.
The event explored Tajikistan's tax mechanisms, providing participants with a profound insight into the local tax landscape. This has strengthened trust and understanding within the BRITACOM community, paving a pathway for collaborative growth and development. More Theme Day Events will be held later this year.

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