The Fifth Tax Administration Theme Day Event of the BRITACOM in Mid-July 2023


According to the Nur-Sultan Action Plan (2022-2024), the BRITACOM has launched Tax Administration Theme Day events since 2022, with the theme of Better Connection for a Better Future, to provide a platform for tax-business communication, and thus to improve the growth-friendly tax environment. In the mid-July of 2023, the fifth Tax Administration Theme Day Events is co-hosted by the State Revenue Committee of Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan (SRC), the Tax Committee Under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan (TCRT), and the National Tax and Customs Administration of Hungary (NTCA) to showcase the tax administration in Eurasia via a virtual seminar and an online exhibition on the dedicated webpage. (Click to see details:
The virtual seminar of the fifth event, consisting of keynote speeches and an interactive Q&A session, is successfully concluded on 20 July 2023, attracting active participation of businesses, BRITACOM Council Member Tax Administrations, Observers, and members of the Advisory Board. At the seminar, Ms. Gulmira Smagulova, Head of the Department for Administration of Special Tax Regimes and Business Activities of Individuals of the SRC, opens the keynote session by a brief introduction of Kazakhstan tax practices and a well-prepared video on its featured taxpayer services. Mr. Rabizoda Jahongir, Deputy Head of the Directorate General of the Tax Administration of the TCRT, updates the participants on the tax reforms and tax incentives in Tajikistan to create more favorable conditions for investment and entrepreneurs. Dr. Áron Barazutti, Taxpayer Services Officer of the NTCA, gives an elaborate guidance for foreign investors in aspects such as tax system, tax agency and tax obligations in Hungary. At the Q&A session, participants had extensive exchanges with speakers on key topics and issues, such as the tax incentives for SMEs, treatment for informal economy and tax certainty.
The dedicated webpage with online exhibition is released at, showcasing tax policy framework, taxpayer services, and tax procedures of these three countries in the form of videos and weblinks, which are closely relevant to foreign-invested enterprises and has attracted a lot of attention from BRITACOM parties and enterprises. 
The Eurasian Tax Administration Theme Day, as the second of the series this year, has provided an invaluable opportunity to enhance trust and understanding between tax authorities and the business, to promote communication and cooperation among BRITACOM parties, and to cultivate joint development for the future. It is noted that the third which is also the last BRITACOM Theme Day event of 2023 is scheduled for the fourth quarter, as a sustained effort to reinforce tax cooperation and build a growth-friendly tax environment for the BRI jurisdictions.

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