The Third Tax Administration Theme Day Event of the BRITACOM in 2022


According to the Nur-Sultan Action Plan (2022-2024), the BRITACOM has organized three Tax Administration Theme Day Events in 2022 with the theme Better Connection for a Better Future to enhance the BRITACOM as an interactive platform between tax administrations and the business and to improve the growth-friendly tax environment in general. The first and second Tax Administration Theme Day Events were successfully completed in Mid June and Early August 2022 respectively. The third event was held in late November, which marked the end of the Tax Administration Theme Day Events of the BRITACOM in 2022.(Click to see details:
The third event in the form of a virtual seminar, a dedicated webpage with online exhibition, and an interactive Q&A module was co-hosted by the tax administrations of Algeria, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone and West African Tax Administration Forum (WATAF) for information sharing in relation to an update of tax policies, tax incentives and taxpayer services of relevant jurisdictions in this region. It started from mid-November and lasted for about one month.
With the warm-up of the dedicated webpage with an online exhibition, the virtual seminar of the third event was held on 30 November 2022. Representatives from BRITACOM Council Member Tax Administrations, Observers, members of the Advisory Board, and businesses were in attendance. 
The seminar consisted of keynote presentations and Q&A sessions. The speakers from the General Directorate of Taxes of Algeria kicked off the seminar by a substantive introduction to a variety of aspects of Algerian tax policies, taxpayer services and tax administration including tax incentives for investment. It was then followed by the speaker from the National Revenue Authority of Sierra Leone and presenters from the Ministry of Revenues of Ethiopia on their respective tax policy and administration.  The representative from WATAF delivered an overview of taxes in West African countries. At the Q&A session, participants had extensive exchanges with speakers on topics ranging from tax incentives for investment, tax certainty and tax transparency, etc. 
The dedicated webpage with online exhibition is open to the public at, displaying the tax policies, tax incentives, tax responses to COVID-19 of African countries in the form of booklets and weblinks, which are closely relevant to foreign-invested enterprises and has attracted a lot of attention from BRITACOM parties and enterprises.
This is the last theme day event of BRITACOM this year, the successful completion of which indicated the successful conclusion of the theme day event series in 2022. Through the three events, the BRITACOM has enhanced the channels and opportunities for direct communication between tax authorities and the business for better understanding and ongoing improvement of a growth-friendly tax environment.

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