Virtual Seminar on Tax-related Data Governance and Application Held
on 8 April 2021


Organized by the Secretariat and held virtually on 8 April 2021, BRITACOM seminar themed as Tax-related Data Governance and Application, the third and the last of the series seminars focusing on tax administration digitalization, brought together BRITACOM parties to exchange experiences and views on data governance and application and highlighted the importance of data in supporting the administration of tax authorities. With the valuable sharing of keynote speakers and active engagement of all participants, the seminar has contributed substantive content on this important topic.
Like other business functions, tax departments are expected to operate more efficiently, and provide strategic tax viewpoints and additional value to the broader organization. As a powerful tool that could contribute to strategy setting and serve as a catalyst for organizational growth and success, data governance and application can help address these expectations for tax officials to engage with taxpayers and broader businesses. Data infrastructure construction, data quality control, and data analysis and application are key steps in the whole process of tax data governance and control, which combines tax technical knowledge, large sets of data, and new technologies, assisting tax administrations to be smarter and more efficient.
With the inspiring contribution by Ms. Julia Dukhovnova, Head of International Technological Assistance Division, Federal Tax Service of Russia, and Ms. Sally Mok, Director of the Compliance Strategy & Insights Division and Mr. Philip Chew, Architect, Infocomm Division, IRIN 3 Architecture Office from Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore, participants have access to the experiences of Russia and Singapore in big data collection and platform design, data quality management and data security. 
More experiences will be shared by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and the State Taxation Administration of China in the follow-up meeting of this Seminar on 15 April 2021. We also expect more questions to be sent to the Secretariat ( for the three speakers in Seminar 3 for further discussion in the follow-up meeting.

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