BRITACOM Parties Meeting Online to Exchange Views on Tax Digitalization



While the COVID-19 is changing the world profoundly, digital economy and information technology are booming, making digitalization an increasingly significant topic for all around the world. Against this backdrop, the BRITACOM High-level Virtual Conference themed as New Challenges, New Opportunities and New Future --- Development Planning of Tax Digitalization in the Context of the Global Pandemic was held on 15 December 2020. Over 150 tax officials from 47 jurisdictions and 9 international organizations, including almost 40 minister-level officials, attended the meeting to exchange views on tax digitalization. At the close of the conference, 36 BRITACOM Member Tax Administrations agreed on the Joint Statement of the High-level Virtual Conference of the BRITACOM on Digitalizing Tax Administration.

High-profile speakers had deep discussion over tax digitalization serving tax administrations, taxpayers, and state governance in general. Tax commissioners from Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Nigeria, Tajikistan, Angola, Hungary, Iran, Malaysia, Russia, and China shared their experiences on tax digitalization, senior representatives from the Advisory Board, ITIC, CIAT, and businesses discussed the practical application of tax digitalization, and experts from IMF, World Bank, OECD, and ICC joined the panel discussion on the role of international organizations in facilitating tax digitalization and their substantive recommendations for Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) jurisdictions.


BRITACOM Member Tax Administrations agreed:


● Deepening multilateral tax administration cooperation in the context of pandemic through reiterating the significance of mutual assistance and solidarity, following the principle of extensive consultation, joint efforts, and shared benefits.

● Promoting the development of tax digitalization by sharing experiences, highlighting the importance of the planning of tax digitalization, exploring the application of information technology, improving the infrastructure of tax big data, to shape digital and smart tax governance system and taxpayer service eco-system.

● Planning the future of the BRITACOM focusing on improving its organizational structure, promoting the implementation of Wuzhen Statement and Wuzhen Action Plan (2019-2021), making full use of the Belt and Road Initiative Tax Administration Capacity Enhancement Group (BRITACEG) platform to provide training events for BRI tax officials, enhancing information sharing, communication and mutual learning through the BRITACOM official website and Belt and Road Initiative Tax Journal (BRITJ), pooling all sorts of resources to support tax digitalization.

For more details, please see the Joint Statement of the High-level Virtual Conference of the Belt and Road Initiative Tax Administration Cooperation Mechanism on Digitalizing Tax Administration released at the close of the conference.


Wang Jun, BRITACOM Council Chair, expressed his sincere gratitude to all BRITACOM parties for their close cooperation and hard work on improving tax digitalization, and stressed that enhancing the substantial planning and cooperation on BRI tax digitalization is especially pivotal at this challenging time. He also proposed to further give full play to the role of multilateral tax platform, widen the application of information technology, and promote tax digitalization planning.(see the full script of Mr. Wang Jun)

Besides the plenary conference, a series of virtual bilateral meetings between BRITACOM parties were held to facilitate them to keep in contact and exchange views on issues of both concern. A themed virtual exhibition was also set up to present outcomes of tax digitalization from tax administrations on the official website (see details about the themed virtual exhibition).


Despite the disruptive pandemic, it is well recognized that global cooperation is the only way to combat virus. As a strong supporter of multilateral cooperation, the BRITACOM provides a platform for cooperation among its parties through exchanging views and sharing experiences. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the BRITACOM has hosted 13 virtual events including high-level conferences, working-level seminars, BRITJ meetings, with 675 participants from 51 jurisdictions in attendance. Five BRITACEG online training programs were also held to enhance the capacity of BRI tax officials, participated by more than 350 trainees from 31 jurisdictions.


Next, the BRITACOM will continue to play its role as a bridge for related parties to keep close communication, and generate more knowledge products with invaluable experiences and expertise to benefit BRI jurisdictions and other developing countries.




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