The Follow-up Meeting of the Seminar on Service and
Administration for VAT in Digital Time
was Held on 22 Oct 2020



The follow-up meeting of the Seminar on Service and Administration for VAT in Digital Time took place on 22 Oct 2020. Representatives from BRITACʘM Council Member Tax Administrations, Observers, and Advisory Board and participants from ATAF and business attended the meeting.



Mr. Chris Sanger, member of BRITACʘM Advisory Board and his colleagues from EY introduced the impact of tax administration on indirect tax in digital times. Mr. Emeka Nwankwo from ATAF presented VAT considerations in the digital economy and cross border transactions. Keynote speakers of last meeting answered questions of common interest raised by the audience in response to the speeches at the Seminar on October 15, such as the information collected by the online cash register system of NTCA (National Tax and Customs Administration) and differences between billing records and electronic invoice supplied to the Spanish Tax Agency by companies. Representatives from the State Taxation Administration (STA), China shared the experiences on service and management of VAT under digitalization condition.



At this point, the second seminar of the serial BRITACʘM virtual events has concluded. The High-level Virtual Conference on Development Planning of Tax Digitalization in the Context of the Global Pandemic will be launched in the Mid-December.




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