The Follow-up Meeting of the Seminar on Business Continuity in Response to COVID-19
was Held on 6 Aug 2020



The follow-up meeting of the Seminar on Business continuity in response to COVID-19 took place on 6 Aug 2020. Representatives from BRITACʘM Council Members and Observers, and members of the Advisory Board and OECD attended the meeting.



Ms. Joanne Shelling from OECD presented the work of Forum on Tax Administration (FTA) on Business continuity considerations. Keynote speakers Mr. Daniel Laffitte from Uruguay and Ms. Chen Xiaosi from Singapore answered questions of common interest raised by the audience in response to the keynote speeches at the Seminar on July 30, such as the extent to which AI has been effectively used to replace manual services in DGI (Dirección General Impositiva) and the current usage and future development of ‘Ask Jamie’, the virtual assistant implemented by IRAS ( Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore). Representatives from the State Taxation Administration (STA), China shared the experiences on digitalization of tax consultation and “non-contact” tax payment. ICC (International Chamber of Commerce), the Observer of BRITACʘM, also provided some of its latest publications on Business Continuity.



At this point, the first Seminar of the serial BRITACʘM virtual events has concluded. The second Seminar on Digitalization of Administration of Main Taxes will be launched in the Mid-October.





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