The Second Conference of the Belt and Road Initiative Tax Administration Cooperation Forum

Digitalization of Tax Administration

7-9 September 2021
  • The Opening Ceremony of the 2nd BRITACOF
  • Opening Address-Mr. Ali Sapargaliyevich Altynbayev
  • Keynote Speech-Mr. Wang Jun
  • Keynote Speech-Mr. Pascal Saint-Amans
  • Releasing Final Report of Five Task Forces
  • Following Rule of Law and Raising Tax Certainty
  • Expediting Tax Dispute Resolution
  • Enhancing Tax Administration Capacity
  • Streamlining Tax Compliance
  • Digitalizing Tax Administration
  • Tax Administration Digitalization
  • Keynote Speech-Mr. Inkerbayev Zhaidar
  • Keynote Speech-Mr. Rao Lixin
  • Keynote Speech-Mr. Nufransa Wira Sakti
  • Panel Discussion
  • Tax Service Digitalization
  • Keynote Speech -Mr. Solehzoda Ayubjon Maruf
  • Keynote Speech -Ms. Angela Ang
  • Panel Discussion
  • New Technologies in Taxation
  • Keynote Speech-Mr. Jeffrey Owens
  • Keynote Speech -Mr. Erick Marinkovic
  • Keynote Speech-Mr. Mohd Nizom Sairi
  • Panel Discussion
  • The 2nd BRITACOF Digitalization of Tax Administration
  • Keynote Speech-Mr. Daniil Egorov
  • Keynote Speech-Mr. Paolo Valerio Barbantini
  • The Business and Industry Tax Dialogue
  • The Business and Industry Tax Dialogue-Mr. Christian Kaeser
  • Panel Discussion
  • Host of Closing Ceremony
  • Host of Closing Ceremony-Mr. Yermek Kozhabergenov
  • Announce the Host of the 3rd BRITACOF-Mr. Wang Daoshu
  • Representative of the Host of the 3rd BRITACOF-Mrs. Amel ABDELATIF
  • Second BRITACOF President and BRITACOM Council Chair-Ali Sapargaliyevich Altynbayev


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