The Inaugural Issue of the Belt and Road Initiative Tax Journal
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As an official journal sponsored by China Taxation Magazine House in collaboration with the BRITACOM Secretariat, the Belt and Road Initiative Tax Journal (BRITJ) is committed to serving as a platform for communication and cooperation among tax administrators, academia, tax practitioners and other parities around the world, and providing strong theoretical support and international reference for tax reform and administration among the Belt and Road jurisdictions.


The inaugural issue of the BRITJ features the most pressing issue that is currently faced by every country and region in the world-COVID-19. It focuses on preferential tax policies and taxpayer service packages of various countries and regions during the pandemic, featuring policy effect analysis, hands-on experience and insights from multiple perspectives including those of international organizations, industry experts and scholars. And in such a crucial time, the electronic copy of this inaugural issue has been uploaded for wider promotion. Please kindly find the attached for free download.


Annex:The Inaugural Issue of the Belt and Road Initiative Tax Journal




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