Slovak Republic


Temporary exemptions of respirators FFP2/FFP3 from VAT, from 01-03-2021 to 30-04-2021.

Deferral and waiver of employers' health insurance and social security contributions for affected companies and self-employed.

(1) Deferral of payroll and corporate tax payments for businesses whose revenues decline by more than 40 percent.
(2) Allowing companies to include loss carryback since 2014.
(3) Employment support during COVID-19 emergency has been introduced for businesses subject to the mandatory closure. Under this measure, employees will receive 80% of their previous gross salary; such that the subsidy will amount to 80% of the previous gross wage, with a maximum allowance amounts to EUR 1 100, a monthly of EUR 200 000). Employers in other sectors and self-employed are eligible for lump-sum allowances based on revenue drop.A monthly cap of EUR 200 000 is also considered.

(4) Several changes to the sickness and nursing benefit schemes. Persons in quarantine are now eligible to receive a sickness benefit up to 55% of the salary (up to 70% for single parents). Parents with children up to 16 years will be eligible for child support (18 in case of children with severe disabilities).

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