New Challenges New Opportunities New Future

——Development Planning of Tax Digitalization in the
  Context of the Global Pandemic

15 December 2020


The BRITACOM High-level Virtual Conference themed as New Challenges, New Opportunities and New Future --- Development Planning of Tax Digitalization in the Context of the Global Pandemic was held on 15 December 2020. Over 150 tax officials from 47 jurisdictions and 9 international organizations, including almost 40 minister-level officials, attended the meeting to exchange views on tax digitalization. At the close of the conference, 36 BRITACOM Member Tax Administrations agreed on the Joint Statement of the High-level Virtual Conference of the BRITACOM on Digitalizing Tax Administration(download all slides and bios).

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Update of the BRITACOM


  • New Challenges, New Opportunities and New Future
  • Kazakhstan - Mr. Marat Sultangaziyev
  • Indonesia - Mr. Suryo Utomo
  • Nigeria-H.E. Mr. Mohammad Nami
  • Tajikistan - Mr. Davlatzoda Nusratullo Muqim & Mr. Solehzoda Ayubjon Maruf
  • Angola-Ms. Margarida Ngaca António
  • Hungary-Mrs. Csilla Tamás Czinege
  • Iran-Dr. Omidali Parsa
  • Malaysia-Dato’ Sri Dr. Sabin Samitah
  • Russia-Mr. Dmitry Volvach
  • China-Mr. Ren Rongfa
  • PwC-Prof. Dr. Stef van Weeghel
  • ITIC-Mr. Daniel A. Witt
  • CIAT-Mr. Marcio Ferreira Verdi
  • IMF-Mr. Vitor Gaspar
  • WBG-Mr. Marcello Estevão
  • OECD-Mr. Pascal Saint-Amans
  • ICC-Prof. Dr. Christian Kaeser



  • ● Tax Digitalization
  • ● Highlights of China's Tax Administration Modernization
  • ● Supporting Taxpayers and Ensuring Business Ccontinuity During Covid-19
  • ● Digital Audit Trends in Hungary
  • ● Business Development Services in Indonesia
  • ● Major Advancements in the Perfomance of GAZT
  • ● End-to-End Digital Tax Administration
  • ● Digital Transformation
  • ● Future of Tax and Grant Administration Continual Innovation

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